I am currently in my final year at University of Portsmouth studying Television and Broadcasting, seeking work or experience into the sports broadcasting industry. I am a hard working, confident individual who thoroughly enjoys working in a team, although I see myself as a very sociable person and am more than capable to work independently. Furthermore I have strong communication skills which enables me to easily converse with colleagues, customers or members of the public with patience and understanding.
As I’m now entering the last phase of my last year at Portsmouth University, I wanted to share my ever increasing experience as a Television and Broadcasting student. Across my time so far here, I have presented live for the University channel, CCI on a number of occasions. The course demands a set amount of group projects such as, producing a 'StaySafe' DVD which was distributed to all the local schools in Portsmouth area. The DVD showed infant children from as young as 5 years old how to cross the road safely. Our client was Portsmouth City Council and we had to take a thorough brief before presenting our ideas for their approval.

In this blog, I’m going to walk you through the projects I’ve completed and the role I’ve played within each. I recognised early on the importance of being exposed to every facet of making a TV show, even those aspects I found more difficult to learn.
Each project involves the full lifecycle of putting a show together, from concept design and scripting to filming and editing to final cut.
As a passionate sports person, I’ve been able to indulge in sports specific project work, which included my dissertation that explored the impact of technology and social media on premier league football. I further examined the practicalities of fair play in the game.
Don’t’ think this course is an easy way to get to uni – it’s not. You need to be hard-working and committed. I’ve worked with people in my first year who haven’t made it to the final year!
Because I’m a sociable person, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working as a team and have equally grown in confidence, maturity and self-discipline through the work I’ve completed individually.
The self-discipline and commitment needed to complete tasks individually has been an invaluable learning curve.

As much as I’m immersed in my course, the opportunity to be heavily involved with the football society has been a privilege and something I’m really proud of.

I am currently the 2nd team captain of a possible six travelling squads.

I am also a member on the committee, in which my role is the club treasurer. This role entails me managing the club budget.

I will now be discussing my roles and thoughts on the most recent projects I have been part of within my final year at university.

2/10/15 - CCI: A Look Forward

Role: Presenter

In a year group meeting, one member from each of the three teams pulled a name out of a hat to determine who broadcasted the first live show of the year. As luck would have it, our team (Team red) were pulled out first. The show would be an insight into what was to come throughout the year from CCI.

Immediately after the year group meeting, we held a team meeting of our own in the Eldon HUB, to discuss the framework for the show, the roles needed and who wanted to take each of these on for our live show. Without hesitation, I put my hand up for the role of presenter. I have presented in a number of shows in the two years I had studied so far in Portsmouth and have taken a shine to it. I tend not to suffer too much with the fidgeting hands and leg syndrome and would say I’m comfortable in-front of the camera. I’ve learnt to read from autocue, knowing where to pause and where to emphasise certain points.

In my opinion and also a large majority of the team, we thought the show went rather well. Like anything, there are always ways to improve and things you would do differently if you could. However, it was the first show of the year and our first show as a team. We were very fortunate to have one VT already filmed for us that we were able to incorporate. This is because the show also looked back at last year’s CCI: Final year show.

This made it a lot easier as we only had to film one more VT. Our other VT was a look into the new White Swan building that can be found opposite James Watson halls. The new White Swan building was added to the university specifically to help produce TV shows and music videos. Its aim is to allow TV and drama students to practice and build their competency with the equipment.

On reflection and with a fair critical eye, I was pleased with my performance. I could be easily heard, my pace was good and the words were clear.

I still get those butterflies in my stomach just as you are counting down to go live and I think that’s something that will never disappear. Sometimes, I think this is what adds to the performance. Whilst I’m just being myself, I still believe it’s a performance never the less.

23/10/15 - CCI : Mind Matters

Role: Camera

Our next show was covering the deep and sobering topic of the mind. The title was a play on the word ‘matters’ as the show was looking at issues to do with the mind and it demonstrated why it ‘mattered’. This time I was responsible for capturing everything on camera.
As an additional role, I helped with one of the pre-recorded VT’s and voiceovers within the show. I interviewed Natalie Long who is a ‘Passionate amateur’ on the issues surrounding ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia.
I knew nothing about the issues of ADHD, Dyspraxia or Dysgraphia prior to the interview. I found Natalie very interesting. Her story of her children was insightful and heart-warming in equal measure. I certainly took a lot away from the interview, both in terms of the issues at hand and once more presenting experience. It’s easy to get lost in the story and lose sight of your role!
The purpose of this short animation was to provide basic facts on ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia. I helped ensure the voiceover elements of the VT came together.
Overall I thought our show went well once again, everyone within our group was slowly getting to grips on the running of the live show process. I thought the highlight of our show was the interview with Elaine Bellinger. I thought our presenter Sophia handled it very well and we got a real insight into Elaine’s challenge that she faces from having dyslexia. I also thought the crowd participation gave a fresh dimension to the show, gaining some good responses and some interesting facts about the issues raised about Mind Matters at the same time.
The next show we were working on, was a radio show called Ethnicity. As there was only a certain amount of people that could work on the radio show, we decided to split the team into half.

One team would work on the radio show and the other team would go and prepare the next live show. I was in the small team that would help produce the next live show, which was to look at Travel.

4/12/15 - CCI: Travel

Role: Talk Back

Our next shows main focus was looking at the cheapest possible ways for a student to travel. Throughout the show we discussed the ways of inter-railing and even summer camps which are very popular in America.

In this show, I took the role of Talk Back. This is where I am the communication between the director and presenters through their headphones.

I had never done this role prior to the show. I enjoyed the role immensely. It was interesting to get an idea of what it is like to be the person in someone's ear. As I was used to having someone to do that to me. I knew Charlie and Safiya our presenters on the day before hand on a personal level. My communication with them I thought was good as they responded well to every piece of information I passed onto them.

As for the show itself, I thought it ran quite smooth. We had very good audience participation once again which helped provide humour to the show. My favourite part of the show was the VT about camp america. I found it really interesting and gave a great insight into what the experience of life in america would be like.

22/1/16 - CCI: Employability

Role: Camera

Following on from our show with travel and about the opportunities about working abroad. Our next show was about employability. The show was to give insight into how students should apply for jobs. From creating your CV to handling yourself to interviews.

I took up the role of camera once again. However, this time I was downstairs in the Eldon HUB as oppose to being upstairs in the studio. This was to get a feel of both work places within a live broadcast.

I also helped in the making of the VT with Paul Barnes who gave a good insight into how Purple Door works around the Portsmouth University and what advantages it has towards students by using them.

In my own opinion, this was my favourite show to be part of out of all the one's we broadcasted. I found the interview with Karen Knibbs inspiring. She was very interesting and made the breakdown of employability simple and easy to understand, whilst giving me personally motivation to do well and take on new challenges.

12/2/16 - CCI: Performance

Role: Sound

In our final broadcast as a team, we broadcasted the second part of a live show on performance. The insight of the show 'Born to perform' was aimed to get a reaction from our performance guests on the aspects around performance. How does it make them feel? Why did they get into it? In this particular broadcast I took up the role of sound. Prior to this show, I had only ever done sound when working in a group on a VT. It didn't differ to much and it was good to get experience in yet another role.

I found this show captivating. It was interesting from start to finish with great guests performing throughout. The interview with Kid Bracer gave us a look into when someone's dream, became a reality. When he spoke about performing on stage infront of hundreds of people, to then going to create his own music.

The interview with Doc and the dance society was interesting to me. Watching on, it looked like a young group of people all setting their targets and telling us how they plan on reaching them or even excelling. It was motivating to see, especially as a young student with aspirations myself.

Team Red - My Roles

The roles I took on in all of these broadcasts were all of a different variety. I did this purely to gain experience in a number of areas and also take on new challenges. For example, for my first two years at university I had only ever really performed in-front of the camera. However, I thought that these live shows were the perfect opportunity to change that.

Outside of presenting, the one I took to most was presenter talk back. It felt as if I was still presenting the show in some way as I was communicating with the presenters through their headphones.

If an opportunity came my way with any of these roles offered to me, yes I would take it. Any experience is good experience within the TV industry.

What am I doing today?

I am currently working with Express FM on The Grass Roots Football Show as both a Football Commentator and a Journalist Portsmouth Academy and the Portsmouth Ladies teams. My pre-match role entailed researching their team news prior to their next scheduled fixture. During the game, my role would be more of a co-commentator. An example of this, is when a team scores, our lead commentator would then turn to me and ask for my opinion on the breakdown of the most recent incident. My post-match role would require me to interview the Portsmouth head coach to get his reaction to the match.

In-particular, my post-match role links into my other role as a Journalist. During the match, I would take notes of key incidents that have taken place. This could be from either a Goalkeeper making a crucial save, to a player receiving a yellow card or a team scoring a goal. Later that day, I would then type up a match report. This would include a short write up of the match events. In addition the Portsmouth's head coach thought's on the game at hand. I'd finish with a mention of our chosen man of the match and reasoning why.


The task I set myself when I got these roles on The Grass Roots Football Show was to set out a plan for my future. What would I most like to be and how do I get there?

I would love to be a commentator for Gillette Soccer Saturday, Match of the Day or Goals on Sunday. My plan to get there sounds simple, but it will be down to hard work whether I make it or not. The University is linked with BBC and Sky and I will be looking to build up the biggest portfolio of myself possible, to put in my CV.

That is my plan for the future yes, but that doesn't mean I haven't made plans for myself right now. My main goal is to end up on Pompey Live, which is a live broadcast for Portsmouth's first team. As of right now, I am only a commentator on the Portsmouth Academy and Portsmouth Ladies.